User Tips

Basic instructions for animal coat care

We provide you with a variety of animal clippers and exactly the right blade set for every clipping job. Special attachment combs are also available for some blade sets. This variety and the high quality of our products make clipping easy and are good for your dog.



Uniform, professional grooming results can only be achieved with an animal clipper. Moreover, a clipper enables easier and quicker working than with a scissor. In addition to the advantages you enjoy, your dog will also appreciate these benefits.

• Clipping of paws:
For the prevention of inflammations, avoidance of dirt deposits, residual salt and slipping on slippery surfaces.

• Shortening and shaping the coat:
For a well-groomed coat and the prevention of matting, facilitating daily coat care and achieving an excellent appearance, good health and a feeling of wellbeing.

• Shortening of facial hair:
For more hygienic and improved feeding, prevention of inflammations of the eyes and enhanced vision.

• Clipping the stomach, genital and anal area:
For greater hygiene during "walkies", avoidance of inflammations.


1. Place your dog on a rubber mat laid on a table. The table should not be too high if possible.

2. Please comb the coat prior to clipping and remove coarse matting with an appropriate animal clipper. Use as fine a blade set as possible for this purpose.

3. Then wash the animal, ensuring that the water is not too hot. Use of standing water should be avoided. Dry thoroughly with a hairdryer, maintaining an adequate distance and at all times brushing and drying with the hair growth.

4. Clean the blade set if necessary prior to clipping, and ensure in all cases that it is lubricated.


Clipping / Trimming

The type of haircut depends on the type of coat and breed. Please consult your breeder or a professional dog groomer concerning the right coat care for your dog.

1. Always feel the desired cutting length when clipping - from long to short. Attachment combs are fitted or shoved onto the blade set, thus extending the cutting length. The cutting length selected should be tried out first on a concealed position.

2. Shortening long hair:
Blade set of your choice, with or without an attachment comb. Always work WITH the hair growth.

3. Short / tight cut:
2 to 3 mm blade set. Always work AGAINST the hair growth.

4. The coat should then be combed out thoroughly and clipped residual hair removed.

5. Clean and lubricate the blade set.