Tips from the professional

Martina Fischer, a certified professional groomer and proprietor of Groomers World dog salons + grooming schools in Southern Germany, offers tips for working with animal clippers:

  • It is vital that you free the coat in every case of major dirt prior to clipping. Sand particles or similar can lead to very rapid blunting of the blade set during clipping. You should therefore brush the coat before clipping, remove matting and wash your four-legged friend thoroughly with a mild shampoo. And never neglect to blow dry your dog!
  • During clipping, ensure that the coat is not cut shorter than 6 mm, as this can lead to itching and a risk of sunburn! Please ensure that all matting is removed prior to bathing!
  • An animal clipper with changeable blade sets (e.g. MOSER® max45) with different cutting lengths offers enormous advantages, particularly when it comes to longer hair and extensive grooming. The blade set can be selected to optimally suit the individual purpose. Simply push on the blade set and click into place while the clipper is running.
  • In the case of models with integrated cutting length adjustment, the blade set can be varied to achieve cutting lengths from 0.1 to 3 mm. In cases where the coat should remain longer than 3 mm, so-called attachment combs can be fitted to the blade set which enable the achievement of cutting lengths of up to 25 mm.